Proceedings Submission

Submission deadline  :  29 April 31 May 2022

Contributions submitted to COLA 2021/2022 will be considered for publication as regular papers in a special issue of the Springer-Nature Journal Applied Physics A.

All papers will be treated as regular submissions to Applied Physics A, i.e. with at least 2 reviewers for each paper. The deadline for submission of manuscripts is April 29, 31 May 2022.

Submission procedure

Please use the following link for submission to the special issue of Applied Physics A.

In the submission page,

i) Login as author (click “Author Login”). You can log in with your username of Applied Physics A or ORCID.

ii) Click “Submit New Manuscript”.

iii) You will be asked to Select Article Type. Please select “S.I.:COLA 2021/2022”.

iv) The procedure after this is the same as the usual submission procedure.
The manuscript submitted to the special issue will be handled by our guest editor team. They will make every effort to complete the peer review process as quickly as possible, while peer review is as rigorous as usual.

Note that the special issue is virtual. An article accepted for the special issue will be published in the regular issue, and will be tagged with the special issue.