COLA 2024

COLA 2024 Location :

The location of COLA 2024 will be selected by the steering and the advisory committees during the COLA 2021/2022 conference. All proposals are welcome! For any questions or additional information please contact Koji Sugioka at ksugioka[at] (please replace [at] by @).

To view locations of the previous COLA conferences, please see “Past COLA Conferences”.

Selection Process :

Please send your proposal to ksugioka[at] (please replace [at] by @) by March 23, 2022. Your proposal should include a document outlining the location and logistics (in pdf or ppt format). This document will be forwarded to the members of the steering and advisory committees. The candidates will be further asked to send a pre-recorded video in MP4 format presenting more details of their proposals (shorter than 15 min) to ksugioka[at] (please replace [at] by @) by April 15, 2022. The videos will be delivered on demand to all the committee members for rating. The selected COLA 2024 location will be announced during the Closing Remark of COLA 2021/2022.