Instruction for Presenters

Oral Presentations

All oral presenters are requested to submit pre-recorded videos in the MP4 format in advance (35 min each for plenary talks, 25 min each for invited talks, and 12 min each for regular talks) to avoid unexpected technical issues. They are also requested to attend LIVE Q&A sessions (limited to 5 min each for the plenary and Invited talks, 3 min each for the regular talks) soon after their video presentations played back according to the conference program. Participants who will participate on-site can also give their talks in person.

Poster Presentations

All poster presentations will be given through on-demand videos pre-recorded in the MP4 format (8 min each), in a session named as “Poster session by on-demand videos”. In addition to the on-demand video presentations, on-site participants may also present their posters LIVE in a separate session named as “LIVE poster session”.

Instructions on how to prepare the MP4 videos

The presenters create their presentation files in ppt(x) format with narration and slide timing.
For more details, please click here (Record a slide show with narration and slide timings [Microsoft Website]).

The presentation files created are converted to MP4 videos.
For more details, please click here (Turn your presentation into a video [Microsoft Website]).

Please note we can only accept the MP4 videos for the presentations.

Instructions on how to prepare the posters for LIVE poster session

The size of the poster panel is W1200 × H2100 (mm).
All presenters of live poster session are requested to put up their posters by 12:30 on April 25.
On the designated day (to be announced later), the presenters are requested to stand in front of their poster for Q&A.
Please remove your poster by yourself after 14:00 on April 28.

Video Uploading Guidelines

After you receive an e-mail from COLA2021/2022 online conference site (COLAnoreply|confit COLAatlas|jp), click [ Agree and Upload Video ] to access the video uploading page, enter your ID and password, then upload your presentation video file.

ID : Your session number (indicated in the e-mail)
Password : Your registered e-mail address

For the on-demand video, the allowed file type is mp4.
The size of the on-demand video file must be within 2 GB.

Immediately after uploading your presentation, please check the video viewing quality including the length of the presentation and the contents in the uploading website. Regarding the resolution of uploaded video, it might be reduced due to the usage of checking of the transaction.
You will not be able to check or edit your uploaded content after 10:00AM (JST) of the next weekday (working day in Japanese calendar) .

Terms and Conditions

Authors are required to agree to the following terms and conditions. By uploading the video, you are agreeing the following terms and conditions.
The copyright of pre-recorded/live and on-demand streamed presentation video belongs to the author(s) but they agree to allow the COLA 2021/2022 Organizing Committee to collect, store and distribute them exclusively for COLA attendees. Materials and videos will not be used for any other purposes.

The COLA 2021/2022 Organizing Committee will not be responsible or liable if abstracts, talks or presentation materials infringe on third party's copyrights and other intellectual property rights. COLA may occasionally use your registered e-mail address to send information.

*Recorded videos of oral sessions incl. Q&A and pre-recorded videos of all oral and poster presentations will be delivered on demand from 10:00, May 9 to 17:00 May 20 [JST]. People registered as in-person or virtual can access them.

Deadline for Uploading

Friday, 12:00(noon), 8 April 2022 JST (UTC+9)

* Please be aware that we may need to withdraw your presentation unless the uploading deadline cannot be met.

Time Length Limits

All uploaded on-demand video files will be checked if the presentation time is appropriate. If the time limit is exceeded, the authors will be asked to re-upload the revised video. If this requirement is not satisfied even after revision, the paper may be subject to be treated as “no show”.

Agree and Upload Video